Tamara Underwood McCoy, The Sugar & Spice Bakery

‘Don’t be afraid to get out there. Just put all of your effort into it’: Tamara and the Sugar & Spice Bakery.


Most people lost their businesses due to last year’s pandemic, however, Tamara Underwood McCoy used the pandemic as an opportunity to start her business.


Tamara Underwood McCoy is the owner and founder of Sugar & Spice Bakery located in DeSoto, Texas, which specializes in cheesecakes and other desserts.


The pandemic seemed to be an incredibly dark time for most business owners, but McCoy was able to ameliorate her situation.


“I lost my corporate job because of the pandemic. That’s when I started Sugar & Spice.”


McCoy went to school for her pastries and business marketing degree, so she had a lot of knowledge prior to opening her business.


Tamara believes social media is her main means of advertising, but she also benefits from classic “word-of-mouth” marketing.


“I like building customer referrals,” says Tamara, “I also like to focus on customer retention and keeping my products up to par, so that I attract more customers.”


When I asked who her motivation was, her response warmed my heart.


“My kids motivate me because I want to build generational wealth, as well as motivate them to work hard like their mom.”


McCoy not only wants to satisfy her children and make them proud but wants to do the same for her consumers.


“I enjoy getting customer satisfaction with good customer reviews because then my business is seen in a good light.”


Despite the fact that McCoy has built her brand to a high extent, she sees Sugar & Spice elevating to new heights.


“I want to be able to expand my business by doing more pop-up events and hopefully up a brick & mortar or food truck.”

Lastly, Tamara concluded by sending this piece of wisdom to any aspiring entrepreneur.


“Don’t be afraid to get out there. Just put all of your efforts into it.”


The possibilities are limitless for Tamara and the Sugar & Spice Bakery.


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