Adam & Jo Ann Hoffman

Adam & Jo Ann Hoffman, Certified Health Coaches

TeamHoff Health, LLC

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adam.michael.3367

Instagram: @teamhoffhealth

Adam & Jo Ann Hoffman were once public school teachers who worked many hours as a high school band director and elementary music teacher. The lifestyle of consuming fast food and rushing to the next task became the norm for the couple, which caused them to struggle with their health. Adam previously had two back and knee surgeries. Therefore, to improve themselves, they reached out to a health coach, and that experience changed their lives. They lost more than 130 pounds combined. Now, they run half marathons, assist others with their health journeys, and mentor a team of coaches on how to create a life they desire by helping others. This is a new and somewhat intimidating step for two music teachers, but those teaching skills transfer to lots of amazing ways to serve people! Currently, they help people lead more fulfilling lives by helping family, friends, and the community with their health goals. TeamHoffHealth, LLC is a Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Life business. Reach out to them if you’re interested in improving your health, body, and mind, or interested in the business of becoming a certified health coach.

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