Deatra Starling-Kinard

Deatra Starling-Kinard, CEO of STAR Academic Services



Website: https://www.staracademicinc.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=star%20academic%20services

Deatra Starling-Kinard is the proud CEO of STAR Academic Services. Her passion for teaching and coaching for 20-plus years fills any space immediately. Coaching is truly her gift. She spent many years in the traditional public school setting and tutoring with Sylvan Learning Center. She provides academic and instructional support in all subjects from kindergarten to college. Deatra offers tutoring, ACT and SAT test prep, while implementing research-based, engaging learning activities, and data-driven instruction. She goes beyond her duties by visiting her students’ classes to observe them and assess the issue(s). Deatra is definitely the coach you want your child to have because she gives her all. She has a little schoolhouse on her property to cater to her clients. Reach out to her if you need her services.

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