Dr. Tania Farran


Dr. Tania Farran, Author of Raising the Well-Adjusted Child: A Parent’s Guide


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Dr. Tania Farran created this book to support parents who desire guidance. Tania has been married for 30 blissful years, and they have two adult daughters. Dr. Farran has been an educator for 24 years; she is currently a high school administrator. Tania’s credentials are impressive. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from the University of Missouri St. Louis, a Master’s in Administration from Lindenwood University, and a Doctorate of Education from Missouri Baptist University. While being an administrator, many parents would say, “I don’t know what to do.” She desired to help them, so she wrote this book to assist those who need some assistance with raising their child (ren). Tania Farran used her teaching and parenting skills to create Raising the Well-Adjusted Child. This is a must-read. The reader will discover tips, tools, and ideas to assist them in parenting in today’s culture. We can always improve. Tania’s mantra is Parenting is a lifetime commitment. In this book, she gives suggestions on how to parent in different stages of life. Dr. Farran would love the opportunity to speak with parents’ groups, book clubs, and schools. See the contact information above to book Dr. Tania Farran’s or simply purchase her book.

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