Grateful After the Texas Feb Freeze

Have to shout out Robyn Bullard 817-823-5065 who is not only an interior designer but a Godsent in a time when I needed her most! 
On February 20, 2021, I was staying in a hotel in north Fort Worth near my job for 4 days during that terrible freeze. Meanwhile, my home was flooding from TWO burst pipes. One was located in the living room wall and the other pipe was in the back of my master bedroom. Water converged from the front and back for 4 LONG days flooding flooring, carpet, walls, and baseboards while leaving behind mold on many of my things.  
 I came home to water leaking out of every weep hole in the front, side, and back of the house! Play the short video. Sounds like a fountain. As a result of all that water, I “cried”.

Click this Link for the Video
What was worse, you ask? After two hours of scrambling and calling 911, I reached the overwhelmed operator concerning these freezing catastrophes, but no one ever showed up at my home!!! Water was raging, and I had NO CLUE how to turn the water off from the street. However, luckily help did arrive!
It was Robyn! Not only did she with her plumber son over the phone. They directed me on how to turn it off. Then, she sheltered me while rebuilding began. She stepped in when I needed her.

This is where the pictures I share with you come in… of HER work. She is not only a listing real estate agent, but she’s an interior designer with a team that floors, paints, and anything imaginable a house could need!


I hired her team to do flooring, carpet, and paint my whole house. Then, she went to work redesigning my home so that it would FEEL like home again. And… the home now accommodates my VIP clients for my online job where I help people (mostly speakers, authors, coaches, business owners) with their messaging and speeches. I wanted a place that would replace what was lost, inspire creativity, be functional, AND be a great place to live. 

What I love most about Robyn’s work is that she LISTENED to me, incorporated most of my items in the redesign, and added things I never thought of…. with an explanation of how and why it fits. When I wasn’t sure, she gave options… all that would work, but it gave me a chance to be part of the design process WITHOUT making huge mistakes on wrong paint or picking out the wrong floors that didn’t go with the grand design. She REPURPOSED the front of the mirror since the back was lost. The masterpiece is seen in the pictures. We salvaged most of the furniture and added plants. What made me laugh is how she obsessed over making sure that even the weights were perfectly aligned in the gym. She knew I’d use it how I wanted, but when she was done, she had everything in its place. It was staged and ready for entertaining. 


She’s very friendly, relatable, and has an eye for detail both inside the home and the exterior. We even did the front flower bed where the freezing water was coming out of my home and leaking into the flowerbed and killing all the shrubs.
I had to post these pics of one of the burst pipes, the flooring, the new paint on the walls, and her designs because I’m eternally grateful for her amazing work. I HAD to share this. As I see the hustle and bustle of people at Home Depot and Lowe’s that were like me… trying to put their lives back together, I PERSONALLY wanted to give you an option that is reasonable WITH great taste. 

If you want a reasonable price, a great eye for detail, and your own masterpiece on a budget, call Robyn at 817-823-5065! She has given me and my home a new lease on life. She will do the same for you!

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