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Lorra Brown, Owner of LBE Consulting, PLLC
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Lorra Brown is the owner of LBE Consulting, PLLC. Lorri’s skill to manage money started in elementary school. She first began helping her grandmother who had a 3rd-grade education with writing checks and assisting her with reading terms she didn’t understand. While Lorri helped her grandmother, her love for numbers continued to increase and her reading comprehension escalated as well. She learned that you have to read the fine print to manage your money well. 
Before long, she knew she wanted to be an accountant. Therefore, she took computerized accounting in high school and paid careful attention to how the stock market worked. She taught her uncle how to invest in the stocks and became interested in the taxes when her uncle was taken advantage of by someone who completed his taxes. The preparer put additional information on his taxes to get a refund. The IRS audited her uncle and found some discrepancies, so he had to return the money. This infuriated Lorri, so she educated herself on how to complete taxes honestly and correctly. Now, she uses her God-given talents to work with corporate companies, small businesses, and individuals who simply need assistance with managing their money. 
Lorri is truly gifted with numbers. She has the pleasure of serving corporate companies, such as Kimberly-Clark and Mercedes-Benz, assisting them with managing millions of dollars. She has come a long way from writing checks and balancing her grandmother’s checkbook. Her company values relationships and is committed to providing personal attention to all clients. LBE Consultant PLLC offers tax management services, bookkeeping, IRS representation, and one-on-one business consulting. If you are in need of a knowledgeable accountant and tax strategist who will educate you about your finances, reach out to Lorra Brown. You will be glad you did, and everything will begin to make cents!

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