Lorrine Patterson Freeing Her Heart

It’s amazing to think about how writing the book Freeing Your Heart for Love: A Memoir helped Lorrine Patterson break free and move forward with her life. She was married to a man that practiced Cuckolds, which are voyeurs who watch their wives make love to strangers. Her husband called it sexual liberation; however, she was shackled by what seemed to be pleasurable to him.

This caused Lorrine to deal with suicidal thoughts and depression. Also, her childhood experiences contributed to many of these harmful thoughts as well. Her husband’s fetish bombarded her mind. While her desire to have a successful family interfered with escaping this madness and loving herself, she struggled with the concept of destroying her family because despite the circumstances; she viewed herself as a good mom. However, after carefully making a plan and following through, eventually, she allowed herself to love.

As she wrote this book, she relieved some of the trauma, but the pain was worth the freedom. It took her ten years to release this narrative. Lorrine shares her story to help women navigate difficult situations. This beautiful woman looked in the mirror one day and found her voice. We all should applaud Lorrine Patterson and celebrate her for such an inspiring accomplishment. Purchase her book and allow her to help you find yours.

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