My Sweet Little Darling Needs a Ride

Our kids always need a ride somewhere and many times it clashes with our schedules. Parents’ minds are bombarded with:
Who is going to pick him or her up?
Who is going to drop them off?
Can I carpool with other parents?
How will I get to work on time?
Will I be able to pick him or her on time?
Is my baby ready to walk or ride his or her bike places?
The questions are endless.
Ebony Turner and Amanda Sneed recognized this problem and created a solution. Ebony said her motto is “We’ll figure it out,” and that is exactly what she and her best friend of 35 years did. They established Kids Karevan with the tagline “We care to get them there.” If your child needs a dependable and affordable ride along with a caring driver, give this service a try.
Kids Karevan’s mission is to provide safe, prompt transportation services for busy pre-teens and teens to assist parents. Amanda is using her expertise in managing a delivery business to make sure the precious children make it to their destinations. Ebony is a defense attorney; therefore, she uses her skills to investigate the drivers because these individuals will have access to our babies. They employ drivers who pass a comprehensive background check, are 25 years old or older, and obtain rideshare insurance. They began transporting children in March and conducted a soft launch on April 1st. Currently, they are serving Arlington, Mansfield, and Grand Prairie. Soon the website will feature pictures and bios of the drivers. If you need arrangements for the upcoming school year, visit the Kids Karevan website, call or text   817-678-6688.



Ebony Turner, Owner of Kids Karevan

Amanda Sneed, Owner of Kids Karevan

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