Perfectly Painted

Debbie Viola’s journey began as a hobby. She simply enrolled in a water coloring class at her local Michael’s and the gift of painting inside of her blossomed. Debbi created numerous paintings of nature. One day her husband mentioned he wanted a room painted, and Debbi’s creative juices flowed. She replied, “We have a can of paint. Let me try it. I can paint the room.” Eventually, she went to a hardware store and selected more paint to create a masterpiece in this space. When the wall was complete, her husband thought she did an excellent job, to her surprise. After that, Debbi started painting everything.

She continued to work as a secretary managing a law firm for 23 years. She was great at this position, but her passion began calling her. Debbi dreamt about making money painting. These ideas allowed her to imagine living life to her full potential while deserting the thoughts of being stuck in a job forever, simply earning a paycheck. She discussed leaving her job and taking a chance. With her husband’s support, she took a 4-day course and called into work sick. She knew she had to make a decision, so she enrolled in a course. This course was an investment of $1,600. She created a portfolio, learned new skills, and she had her answer. Goodbye, Corporate American!!! Hello to a new opportunity.

First, we walked into a realtor’s office to inquire about work. She immediately got a job at one of the realtor’s homes creating a painting on a wall. When Debbi finished, she invited a friend over to see the finished work. Then, the friend desired her to work for her as well. From that point, she was making money. Her business spread by word of mouth, and eventually, Debbi was offered free space to display and sell her items. She named the location Perfectly Painted. Debbi Viola has won the Best Artist in Long Island for many years. Now Debbi offers painting lessons online, painting parties, and paintings. You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, and her Website.

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