The Geters

The Geters, Power Team Chiropractors

Location: 3175 S Carrier Pkwy Grand Prairie, TX 75052

Make an Appointment: https://crossroadsnaturalhealth.Janeapp.com/

Rush and Danika Geter are the power team Chiropractors at Crossroads Natural Health in Grand Prairie, TX. Danika discovered her love of chiropractic services when she was only a teen. She struggled with being able to sleep through the night. She tossed and turned all night, so around the age of 16, she found herself in a chiropractor’s office being adjusted, and this experience changed her life. Following high school graduation, Danika enrolled in the university and received a bachelor’s degree in business. She worked in the business field for a few years, but she felt called to the medical field. As she transitioned to chiropractic medicine, she met the love of her life Rush Geter. This is where the power team began. Their focus is the wellness of the family, which includes adjusting pregnant women, newborns, and people who have been in car accidents. Their goal is simply to help people feel better, and they do whatever it takes to help a client. You should make an appointment today!

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