The Kastl Family

The Kastl Family, Owners of My Yard and Home Care


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This family-owned business was created out of the love for the Kastl children. It began as a college fund in 2009 but has grown into a passion. Being family-focused is their mission. Therefore, they aim to relieve the pressure, time, and demand so many feel to maintain their home that limits their quality time with kids, friends, and loved ones. My Yard and Home Care offers two memberships: the $35 Silver Plan, which is a weekly mow, edge, and clean up. The next level is the $55 Gold Plan; this includes the Silver Services and one Gold Service. They also offer Platinum Services, which are custom solutions based on the customer’s needs. My Yard and Home Care is truly your one-stop-shop. While someone is cutting your yard, another professional can be inside doing handy work. They know that your home is your castle and providing all the service you need to keep your home in tip-top shape will give you more time to enjoy and build memories with your family. Please view the website above for more details.

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