The Most Beautiful Smile on Earth

Zondra Evans is as unique as her name, and her enthusiastic personality lights up any space like a stage. She is the superhero for entrepreneurs who need to be discovered by their target market. The search is over when you connect with the Founder, Talk Show Host, and Executive Producer of Real Biz Talk with Zondra.
She believes, “People do business with people that they know, like, and trust.” Therefore, many travel all over the country to be on her show. Being on her show allows business owners to access potential clients all over the world. This is truly the opportunity of a lifetime!
Zondra offers help with:
Open access
Media Coaching
Building Your Tribe
Global Opportunities
Geo-Target Marketing
TV Media Incubator Course
Teach You How to Monetize
TV Designed for Small Business, Solo Entrepreneur
Becoming A Producer to Produce Your Own TV Show
Zondra is convinced that the streaming industry is the way of the future. Watching shows have changed drastically, so it is time to get engaged with streaming TV while it is affordable. She considers herself a Baby Boomer with Millennial Tendencies. This is an excellent combination as the world shifts in a different direction.
Her journey began in Corporate America 40 years ago, and she thrived in that male-dominated environment in senior positions. However, one day she was given the “golden” ticket. She didn’t realize how “golden” it was at the time. This is where her adventure into the TV world started.
Zondra Evans was presented with opportunity after opportunity. She has graced the presence of the man who inspires her most, Les Brown, who agreed to write the foreword for her next book, which is in the hopper once she completes some big projects that are on the horizon. Her last best-selling book she published The Power of Investing in You, where she helps others embrace their talents and abilities, but more importantly how to show up and serve those talents to the universe. God has opened so many doors for her. Now, she promotes, produces, and owns her own network, ZondraTV, which is a multiple communicator award-winning network. She desires to assist as many business owners as possible. Please reach out to Zondra Evans on  https://zondratv.com/  https://www.linkedin.com/in/zondra-evans-9012787/ or Download Zondra TV Channel on Roku.  Get the exposure you’ve been looking for today:  http://beonztv.com/


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