Kayla J Life

Kayla J Life, Owner of KKSQ, LLC





Kayla J Life is the owner of KKSQ, LLC, which is a website designing, branding, and social media development business that caters to small and large businesses. Kayla began her career as a technology teacher and taught mental health skills as well in a charter public school setting. However, she branched off into an independent endeavor as she continued to learn about the technology industry and saw a need to assist business owners by building beautiful websites with better search engine optimization, branding, and creating a social media presence for clients. She uses her teaching skills effectively to communicate with clients on how to solve the critical issues they face daily by using her mental health skills to aid clients in managing their businesses and staff to produce productivity. Reach out to Kayla if you need a website, branding, or social media presence, you will be pleased with her work.

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