What An Experience at Natural Beauty Habitat!!!

The Experience

Natural Beauty Habitat’s Owner, Kiki Carr, uses her skilled hands to provide her customers with the essential deep cleansing facial sensation of an angel’s touch.
The tranquility of the gorgeous blue walls catches your eyes as soon as you come into the space. Almost immediately, you have the feeling that you’re on your way to a nice getaway. Kiki greets her clients with a friendly smile and approach, assuring that they’re in good hands right away.



“This is the waiting area,” KiKi explains as she slowly walks to the waiting area, “Clients take a break here before their services or after they can continue to sleep.” The surroundings were proficiently planned to promote quiet and tranquility. Kiki offers a sip of flavored water while customers settle in, which adds to the ambiance. Her hospitality creates an upscale moment.
From that point on, she prepares to administer the introductory essential facial deep cleanse balance. The relaxed client is almost asleep before she even gets started. She totally brings the calm as she begins. Kiki educates during all parts of the process to extend the individual’s knowledge of their treatment. The products are smooth and easily distributed once it caresses the arms, shoulders, and face. Each stroke is like a beautifully composed song similar to the music played in the background.
Natural Beauty Habitat provides Gm Collin exclusively in all facial and body treatments. Aromatherapy, massage, and sound therapy are used to enhance your sensory experience and help you relax and feel more energized. Natural Beauty Habitat specializes in female clients, offering a private, professional, and secure experience. You will have access to Hepa filtered rooms and UV sanitation as a guest. Skin regeneration and relaxation are the specialties of Natural Beauty Habitat Facial Spa.
The treatment is superb and comprehensive as Kiki treats the skin with products, LED Light Treatment, and steam. You will also enjoy the Lemongrass foot scrub as the facial is concluded. It’s definitely more than a facial. Indulge your senses, restore and repair skin. Treat yourself. You will be glad you did! Reach out to Kiki Carr, the Owner of Natural Beauty Habitat, and she will not disappoint! Website, Facebook, On-line Booking.
800 West Arbrook Blvd
Arlington Texas 76015
Highpoint Medical Center

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