Scentimental Things is owned by Monica Spriggs-Williams. This concept began in Monica’s heart. She genuinely acts from a place of love and care. Monica said, “I just like helping others. This originated with my grandmother. I spent the summer with her, and I observed her create masterpieces as a seamstress.” She recalled asking her grandmother to teach her how to make hair bows. They would go to the local Ben Franklin (the country store that had everything), and they picked up all the supplies she needed like ribbons, lace, buttons, and needles.

Once they returned home, her grandmother showed her how to take the ribbon and lace in her hand, pulling them tightly to create a knot in the center of the bow and covering the center with beautiful buttons and more ribbon. Monica created a variety of bows and took them to church to show off her creations. People immediately wanted her exquisite bows, so she would give them away. However, she frequently received payment in exchange for producing more bows. This took off immediately, sparking her love of crafting and her first business was birthed. She made bows every summer from the age of 6 to 12.


As she grew older, Monica found herself always thinking of others and stepping in when someone needed help. She started cooking homemade chicken noodle soup for the sick and shut-in. This soup made with love was placed in Mason jars and covered with beautiful cloth and twines. Then, she dropped them off at the homes of family and friends to aid in the healing process. Monica never ceases to lend a helping hand to others.
During the pandemic, Monica was laid off, so she started making T-shirts and masks. Her business took off and everybody seemed to request T-shirts and matching masks. She said, “I didn’t miss a beat. God was sending me people from everywhere.” Eventually, Monica did go back to work but continued making custom items and gifts for people.

Monica Spriggs-Williams has been doing business from the heart for years. Therefore, it makes sense for her business name to be Scentimental Things. From a place of tenderness and care, she creates a collection of products like fragrances, cutting boards, stove covers, pillows, T-shirts, wreaths, masks, and more. People find Monica is a gift. Once you’ve worked with her, you’ll send others because her professionalism is top of the line. You will trust her with your projects, big or small. Monica said, “I’ve always been a giver. If I can do it, I don’t mind doing it.” Monica is definitely someone you want on your team. She makes things happen.
Contact information: Facebook and number (817) 448-7939.



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