Where could she have contracted Covid?

Imagine being diagnosed with Covid before anybody really knew what it was. This happened to Maya McNulty in March 2020. She tested positive for this unknown illness at the time. Her mind wandered, Where could she have contracted this disease? The Department of Health contacted McNulty and informed her to rest while staying indoors for 14 days. To protect her husband, she camped out upstairs while he lived downstairs. It seemed to be the perfect plan.


However, after about 3 days she began to experience respiratory failure. She reluctantly called on him, but she needed to go to the hospital. She was put in a medically induced coma. People wondered if she would overcome or live. Maya remained in a coma for 30 days and on a ventilator for 6 weeks. Her entire hospital stay was 69 days.


McNulty is thankful to the doctors, nurses, and other medical staff that played an intricate role in her survival. She even stated that Dr. Fauci and The White House Operation WARP Speed called her because she was among the first cases. The side effects of this disease are grim, and she still fights to regain her life back. Maya lost her hair, voice, ability to walk, and eat. Now she is walking again and eating. Her hair is growing back. As her voice continues to improve, she speaks for the survivors of his horrific illness.


Maya McNulty thanks God that she recovered and looks at life differently. The small things in life are more fascinating. The colors of the leaves and the sounds of nature are intriguingly beautiful. She knows she received a new lease on life because she remembers going to heaven and seeing people who had passed away. However, Maya was directed to return to earth.


Therefore, she felt the need to create a non-profit to assist victims of Covid since the survivors and families need support with recovery for the days to come. She believes she is here to be a blessing to those who are considered “long haulers”. If you know of any Covid survivors who need a listening ear, join Maya McNulty’s Facebook Group.

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