Consciously Creating Spaces

I could feel the passion in Bridgette Pridgen’s voice as she shared about her interior design business. I asked, “What motivates you?” She answered, “Legacy! Having the ability to create a lifestyle for my children that gives them options in life. I also inquired, “What drove you to design?” She replied, “I have a psychology degree, and I worked in the field for many years.
However, I didn’t feel fulfilled. I felt like I was out of alignment and that my health knowledge and creativity were stifled. I am a creative person, and I wanted to incorporate my skills into a business idea with passion and purpose.”

One day, it came to me as I prayed in my chaotic space. I began to organize my closet and think about how I could make my prayer room a more warm, inviting place. She said, ” I believe certain colors represent various mindsets.” For some reason, she never thought about decorating her closet, but that day she realized what her closet revealed about situations in her life. She knew she had to go through the healing process before she could change her environment by decorating, but it needed to be emotionally led.

Bridgette selected colors that provoked her healing process. This is also when she discovered how to combine her creativity with psychology. Now she assists people in designing spaces that are beautiful, therapeutic, and earth-friendly. She uses a holistic approach in her designs that focuses on the whole person and the wellbeing of people who occupy the space. Using principles of color therapy, Feng Shui, and emotional intelligence, she is able to work with her clients to change their minds, bodies, and spaces from the inside out. Designing a room is much deeper than pieces of furniture and paint, and Bridgette would love to guide you through a memorable experience. She acknowledged, “Seeing the designs come together, and the lightbulb moments are the most rewarding for me.”


As the owner of Conscience Led Design, Bridgette welcomes the opportunity to partner with communities, business owners, and families who want to change a space. She can accommodate you in a variety of ways: workshops, virtual design, in-home designs, and staging. Bridgette Pridgen wants people to realize it’s more than just design. It’s a necessity instead of luxury! Design your spaces entirely! Locate Bridgette on Instagram, Website, and Facebook.


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