Love and Care for Your Aging Loved Ones









M. Lovie Baxter, MSSW, APRN, FNP-BC created A Touch of Love Care Home from a desire to bring good “ole” fashion love and care to aging individuals. Lovie is so passionate about caring for the elderly; she began this business in her own home. Lovie recognized a need for more customized care, so she opened this residential home for people who desired a small environment with a touch of love. She combines her social work and 16 years of nursing skills to provide a residential care model, unlike traditional nursing homes.
A Touch of Care Home houses up to 4 residents. This allows for more personalized care and an intimate setting ensuring the residents receive more attention, delicious home-cooked meals, and well-planned activities.
She said, “I try to leave people better off than when I found them. I want to touch each patient and family with love. Somebody’s got to be their advocate.” She started in her very own home three years ago. Now, she has 4 homes total, and a new one will be opening in Cedar Hill soon.
M. Lovie Baxter is such a blessing to our community. If you have a loved one who needs assistance, I believe A Touch of Love Care Home will be an excellent choice, so reach out to Lovie at (214) 475-6396 immediately because spots are limited. Allow her to advocate for your loved one and you. Take the stress and pressure off!

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