Toddler Driving Luxury Vehicle

It all began when Eddie King Mahn and his lovely wife Princess allowed their son to ride a toddler-sized motor vehicle. He drove around and in no time he fell in love with the car. It was difficult to get him out. He screamed because he wanted a ride like mom and dad. Later, his parents thought about his attachment to the car and figured out a way to purchase his dream toy. Eddie said, “My son made me spend $1,000 for a car, and it made me happy.” From that experience, I wanted to put as many smiles on kids’ faces as possible. I thought, ” I can make a business of this. How many other parents want to make their kids happy like this?” He started purchasing these small cars and selling this from his truck.


Eddie stated that he would set up in the parking lot of Albertson’s and malls until they kicked him out. Frequently, the police threaten to arrest him. He told one of the Grapevine Mills Managers that he was going to open a store in the mall one day, and he laughed. However, in 2020, he got the opportunity to lease a space in Grapevine Mills Mall, and Eddie opened the Toddler Motors A Kids Auto Dealership. They can be found on their website and Facebook. One of their videos went viral because he was placing smiles on kids’ and parents’ faces.

Toddler Motors carries luxury cars for children and some can hold up to 200 lbs, which means parents can ride along with their sweet little darlings. The manufactures of Tesla, BMW, Bentley, Range Rover, Ford, Lamborghini, McLaren PI, Chevy Colorado, and Mercedes licensed these cars. Many of these cars have air condition, and that’s definitely a must for Texas. If you are looking for the perfect gift, visit Toddler Motors. The Kids’ Auto Dealership will blow you away!


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