Tiffiney Rogers-McDaniel

Bringing Morals Back to the American Culture

During the pandemic, Tiffiney Rogers-McDaniel found herself disturbed by the racial tension the country faced. The riots, presidential election, and police shootings created unrest in our communities. She prayed and asked God what she could do to make a difference. Immediately, she had the desire to write a children’s book that emphasized biblical parables.

This was unique to her because she never had the desire to write. However, she believes this idea came from the heavens. The best way to impact her world was by giving children a biblical foundation of good morals, faith, and a relationship with God. She dedicates her time to writing and sharing God’s Word for the next generation. The idea of making one book has turned into many.

The protagonist in this book is Ms. Christian, and she teaches a diverse group of students Godly parables in her daycare. The author of this collection of personalized books aims to create material that builds children’s character, self-confidence, and assists in developing great relationships with everyone who represents our world.

Reach out to Tiffiney Rogers-McDaniel, the author of Ask, Seek, and Knock  & I Can Do All Things, on Instagram, Facebook, and her website.

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