Making Neighborhoods Safer One Package At A Time

Bryson R. Cook, Owner of Wolf Pack Receiving, LLC
Bryson’s journey with serving others started in the church. He was raised by two amazing parents. He refers to himself as a “Blessed Kid”. His roots are deeply embedded in family and faith.
As Bryson grew up in the small town of Corsicana, TX, he knew he wanted more, so before his senior year, he signed up for the Delayed Entrance Processing Program. He prepared to be a United States Marine from his junior to senior years. He traveled all over, went camping, and participated in military drills.
While his leadership skills advanced, he desired to make more of a presence on his school campus. He planned to be the Drum Major of Corsicana High School, and he accomplished it. Bryson said, “I love helping people, and I learned how to assist many as a drum major. I stood in the gap for them.” He didn’t realize how this position would prepare him to become a leader in the military.
After graduating from high school, Bryson Cook went to the first Gulf War. He served in the military from ’87 to ’93. He was promoted to corporal. He has worked with many Marines directly and indirectly. He learned to be nervous, yet not show it. He recalls, “I called moms and told them I would bring their child back. And I meant it. I was going to do everything in my power to keep my word.”
Through Bryson’s endeavors, he became a problem-solver. He’s been helping people his whole life, and he doesn’t know any other way. He helps make sense for people. When he noticed criminals were stealing packages, he figured out a way to help. Therefore, Bryson Cook had an idea to correct this problem. Besides, he’s been in the shipping industry for 16 years.
He created Wolf Pack Receiving, LLC, to put Porch Pirates out of business and stop stolen packages. This name is derived from his favorite military unit. Bryson Cook and Wolf Pack Receiving will make our neighborhoods safer one package at a time. Reach out to Wolf Pack Receiving at www.wolfpackreceiving.com or call (888) 821-9653.

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